Calligraphy for St. Paul’s Cathedral in Kamloops

Restoring this commemorative scroll might have been one of the most important lettering projects that I’ve encountered in thirty-five years of calligraphy. The size of the board (3 feet by 6 feet) added to the “bigness” of the project.  Thank you to St. Paul’s for an amazing experience.

Season’s Greetings, Hockey style

Renate Worthington "Oldtimers Tournament"“Old Cocks, Old Shots, even Old Flames
Who’s to say what’s in a name
Rusty Blades, Rusty Spurs,
Bombers, Blasters, Harriers,
Antiques, Model A’s, Model T’s
waitin’ for the ice to freeze…”

These few lines are part of the poem “Old-Timers Tournament” from Keith’s poetry book, After The Flood: Hockey Poems. Renate’s artwork is called a “calligram” and features the names of many old-timer hockey teams. The original size of the hockey player is 4 by 6 inches, and was drawn using several sizes of fine-tipped markers. Season’s greetings to all!


More Calligrams by Renate:

Carolingian-style letterforms

This style of calligraphy is a good choice for longer poems and quotations. It is vertical, therefore easier to read, and relates to present-day fonts, so is a familiar set of letters. Some calligraphers use the traditional heavier ascenders; I have chosen to keep them slim. Here are some examples where I have used my own particular adaptation of this style.


ALBERTA BOUND -excerpt from lyrics by Paul Brandt,  lettering and boots by Renate. Another two versions of Alberta Bound is written in “Neuland” below.

(Practise chunk)


 Carolingian letters - Renate

Private commission lettered by Renate



PRINCIPAL:  Words by Keith Worthington, lettering by Renate Worthington.


A MARKING OF TIME: poem by Keith, artwork and “Carolingian” lettering style by Renate.


RINK IMAGINED- poem by Keith Worthington, from AFTER THE FLOOD: Hockey Poems ©2013,  lettered by Renate,

Medieval letters in a modern world


It is the 21st century, but the appeal of Versal letters still attracts us. My students are on their last session of a six-week adventure into drawing, decorating, colouring and boxing in their letters. New forms emerged and have been re-purposed for cards, envelopes and special occasion words. Names were lettered with an artistic flair. Metallic pens  created magic on dark paper. The thrill of creating an original bit of art remains  in our fast-paced modern lives.  The artwork above was done by Renate with pointed nibs, gouache and ink on vellum. Each letter is about 3/4 of an inch in height.