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Renate and Keith Worthington – Based in Calgary, AB

Calligraphy has been an integral part of Renate’s life since 1980. She continues to create commissioned work, to teach calligraphy, and to volunteer with Calgary’s Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild. Her work is displayed in private and public collections. Keith’s poetry provides her with opportunities to create new artwork suggested by his words. Keith and Renate have two daughters: Lisa and Paula.

Keith Worthington has resided in Calgary, Alberta all his life. His poems journey through a diverse landscape of people and places. He has published three collections: Puffs of Breath (2007), Poet on a Cargo Plane (2010), and After the Flood: Hockey Poems (2013), the latter containing reflections and imaginings from Keith’s lifetime involvement in the sport of ice hockey. In 2022, Keith published his first novel: Alex in ’63, a bumpy-road tribute to home and school and neighbourhood.

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