Pointed Brush lettering

Brush letters & Flowers- Renate  This Franz Kafka quotation and the flowers were both created with pointed brushes.




“Solstice” is one of Keith’s poems from PUFFS OF BREATH. I used a very large brush to indicate the background peony.


Meadow Tree - artwork and pointed brush lettering by Renate, words by Keith

“Meadow Tree” is one of Keith’s poems from PUFFS OF BREATH.   I painted the background and lettered the words with pointed brushes. This  20 by 20 inch stretched canvas was one of my submissions to the 2013 Creative Showcase at the Calgary Stampede & Exhibition.

Alberta Flood Rose Project

This wild rose is Renate’s contribution to the Alberta Flood Rose Project. Hundreds of artists took part in creating 4 by 4 inch representations of our provincial flower to symbolize hope for the future of many individuals and families impacted by the June floods. Read more about this amazing project at http://www.thealbertafloodroseproject.com.