Season’s Greetings, Hockey style

Renate Worthington "Oldtimers Tournament"“Old Cocks, Old Shots, even Old Flames
Who’s to say what’s in a name
Rusty Blades, Rusty Spurs,
Bombers, Blasters, Harriers,
Antiques, Model A’s, Model T’s
waitin’ for the ice to freeze…”

These few lines are part of the poem “Old-Timers Tournament” from Keith’s poetry book, After The Flood: Hockey Poems. Renate’s artwork is called a “calligram” and features the names of many old-timer hockey teams. The original size of the hockey player is 4 by 6 inches, and was drawn using several sizes of fine-tipped markers. Season’s greetings to all!


More Calligrams by Renate:


It has been decades since we created calligrams; time to play with these creations again. I drew and lettered these designs with fine point markers in a workshop with Annette Wichmann. Below are several examples of Renate’s in-class drawings. Check out the”hockey player”  in the Season’s Greetings-Hockey style post.

Renate Worthington

Renate WorthingtonRenate Worthington


Renate WorthingtonRenate Worthington


P1070974Renate Worthington


"Earth" - Renate WorthingtonP1070977