Keith’s words; Renate’s lettering

VIEWPOINT- Keith Worthington, letters and artwork by Renate Worthington, from PUFFS OF BREATH,©2007


POEM SEARCH- Keith Worthington,lettered by Renate,  from PUFFS OF BREATH ©2007.


WINTER’S TIME:  words by Keith Worthington, built-up capitals and artwork by Renate Worthington, from PUFFS OF BREATH, © 2007

Lettering styles

Tight Boots- calligraphy by Renate

Blackletter (or Old English) often has a solemn purpose, but it seems to work for humorous Western quotes as well.


Renate Worthington - Alberta Bound July 2012

Above on the left is the test piece of leather and at right the final product for Paul Brandt’s lyrics to “Alberta Bound” which I lettered  for display (with Paul’s permission) at the 2013 Calgary Exhibition and Stampede’s Creative Showcase. The lettering styles are a combination of Neuland (the green and blue letters) and Bookhand (brown letters).

traditional pointed pen (Copperplate)- Renate Worthington

Angel's Landing - Copperplate script

Pointed Pen lettering or “Copperplate”  uses a pointed nib, which creates thick and thin strokes depending on the pressure placed on the nib. This alphabet has an elegant Victorian feel.

P1070275 funky 2

The sample above is of the “Fun and Funky” lettering : it’s a fun way for beginners of calligraphy to use a chisel-edged pen and learn what pen angle changes can do. The Pilot Parallel Pens work on their chisel edges and on the corners to offer two tools in one.

Drawn Versal "O" & Bookhand lettering text - Renate

The “O” in “Once” is an example of a Versal capital, a drawn decorated letter that creates a focus on the first letter of a page or word. It is decorated with a silver and gold diapering (the small squares) pattern to continue with the “little girl” theme. The accompanying letter style shown in this piece is Bookhand.