What Readers are Saying about Alex in ’63

  • “An engaging read from start to finish.” Janice H.
  • “My biggest takeaway was how [the author] made the reader really feel the story was coming from a 14-year-old boy.” John M.
  • “I related most to Alex’s character….in those same years in my life, I experienced events and moments that brought on the same emotions…young love, defiance, resentment and ultimately, a level of understanding.” Bob T.
  • “I quickly got invested in Alex’s character and his life circumstances, and I was anxious to keep turning the pages to see what happened next. Apart from the story itself, it was neat to read the familiar local names and places from that era. Really well written and very readable.”  Colleen W.
  • “I can relate to so many of Alex’s thoughts as he plays his backyard, make-believe [football] games and pickup matches with Matt and his buddies.” Rich F.
  • “I had such sympathy for the mother—and, of course, [Alex’s] dad is the dad every teenager deserves.” Hazel Y.
  • “I felt so much nostalgia reading your story. I felt transported in time!” Jan S.
  • “I felt melancholy…wondering what would happen to the characters.” Gail H.
  • “It’s such pleasure to read a story set in our city—and in a time that holds such nostalgia for many.” Linda H.
  • “I really enjoyed the book because I found myself being able to relate to someone my age, yet in a different time. I think a lot of teens would enjoy this style of book, because it highlights some simplicity of the past we don’t have today and is still very relevant in what we go through at school.” Campbell L.
  • “I did not want this story to end!” Carol D.

Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild

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Calligraphy demonstrations introduce the public to different styles. Here are some of the more common “hands” that you might see at a demo featuring calligraphers from the Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild. Our Guild is based in Calgary, meets monthly, puts out a great journal and continues to promote the love of letters. Check it out at http://www.bvcg.ca.

We had a fabulous response at our tables set up in Jubilee Auditorium during Alberta Ballet’s “Madame Butterfly”. Many customized bookmarks were given to patrons as a souvenir of our time at this beautiful venue.

Calligraphy is...