Keith’s words; Renate’s lettering

VIEWPOINT- Keith Worthington, letters and artwork by Renate Worthington, from PUFFS OF BREATH,©2007


POEM SEARCH- Keith Worthington,lettered by Renate,  from PUFFS OF BREATH ©2007.


WINTER’S TIME:  words by Keith Worthington, built-up capitals and artwork by Renate Worthington, from PUFFS OF BREATH, © 2007


Calligraphy for St. Paul’s Cathedral in Kamloops

Restoring this commemorative scroll might have been one of the most important lettering projects that I’ve encountered in thirty-five years of calligraphy. The size of the board (3 feet by 6 feet) added to the “bigness” of the project.  Thank you to St. Paul’s for an amazing experience.

Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild

BVCG Banner

Calligraphy demonstrations introduce the public to different styles. Here are some of the more common “hands” that you might see at a demo featuring calligraphers from the Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild. Our Guild is based in Calgary, meets monthly, puts out a great journal and continues to promote the love of letters. Check it out at

We had a fabulous response at our tables set up in Jubilee Auditorium during Alberta Ballet’s “Madame Butterfly”. Many customized bookmarks were given to patrons as a souvenir of our time at this beautiful venue.

Calligraphy is...