Poet on a Cargo Plane


Poet on a Cargo Plane was published in 2010. It contains Keith’s poems and many colourful pages of Renate’s calligraphy and artwork. In this book, the poet travels to landscapes near and far and meets people both real and imagined.  This paperback is available from the authors and at  Pages on Kensington.

20100817_0136     From “Colleen T.” page 34


20100817_0140_r1_3   From “Eclipse” p.48

IMG_5469 ski buddies_r1   From “Ski Buddies” p.96

  image30  From “Edge of Seasons (Johnston Canyon)”

excerpt from The Season Settles In - capitals  From “The Season Settles In” p.116

2010_08_17_0130_r1  “Hotel in Dresden” p.10

003   “A Marking of Time” p.64


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